Powersoft Authorized Service Center

For repairs contact us using the form below.

DEFECT REPORT FORM (ask Brion for file to link) place in box with the unit and ship to 2419 Harbor blvd #57 Ventura CA 93001.

Upon receiving your unit a technician will carry out an inspection and test the unit’s electronic components to locate the problem. After completing the inspection and testing,you will be notified about costs and components needed to repair the unit and bring it back to factory specifications.. If the unit requires any new parts, we will tell you exactly how much the parts will cost and let you know what the total cost of the repair bill will be before any work commences.

If you are satisfied with the cost of the repair, we will proceed with the work and order any new parts that may be required. We will give you an estimate of how long the repair will take and when you can expect to receive delivery of your unit. Once the repair has been completed, your unit will be fully tested again to ensure that everything is working correctly. When the engineer has completed the testing, we will contact you to arrange a suitable time and location for delivery or collection. 

Uneconomical Repairs 

If, for what ever reason, you decide that the cost of repairing the unit is not economical or beyond your budget, we will send the amplifier back to you in the same packaging in which you originally sent it to us. In these circumstances, the only costs you will have to pay is the inspection fee plus return carriage (If applicable).

Warranty Repairs

All warranty repairs and parts are covered by Powersoft S.P.A. along with return shipping.